Kenwood External Control Comparison

The following tables summarize the various commands implemented on different radios. The informations were extracted from the following sources:

The manuals above were all downloaded from various internet sites. If you have the manuals for other models please share so that I can add more info to the tables.

Refer to the operating manuals of each model for the actual meaning of the various actions. I only own a '450, so I can't know what the other radios are supposed to do.

Command Table

Command Function TS-450/TS-690 TS-850 TS-950 Functions supported by hamlib
AG AF gain not available yes
AI Auto information 0=off 1=on yes?
AM abm not available yes
AN antenna not available yes, 1-4
BC BC? not available yes
BY DCD? not available yes
BU/BD band up/down not available yes
CT tone squelch not available yes
DN/UP down/up same as pressing up/down on the microphone
DT data not available 0=off 1=on
EX menu entry? not available ???
FA/FB freq. Vfo a/b VFO frequency in Hz, 11 characters. See IF table for more info.
Note that this command reads the specified VFO A or B regardless of which is active at the moment.
FC subreceiver not available frequency in Hz of the subreceiver (11 chars).
FL filter 2 groups of 3 chars, first group is filter on first IF, second group for the second IF. See filter table for possible values. See filter table for possible values. hamlib uses some hardcoded values (i.e. it doesn't consider separate IFs on the 450)
FR/FT function rx/tx 0=vfoA; 1=vfoB; 2=memory (used for setting up split mode)
FS fine step 0=off 1=on not available yes
GT AGC not available yes
ID Model identification 010=450; 011=680 009=850 008=950 Other models known to hamlib: TS940=001
TS570D=017 (also used by Elecraft K2/K3)
TS590S=021 /* TBC */
IF information Returns multiple parameters. See IF table for more info.
KS keyer speed not available yes, 5-50
KY keyer send not available yes, 24 chars
LK lock 0=off 1=on
MC memory channel 3 chars. First char is the memory bank and is not used on 450/690/850/950. Must be either blank or 1.
MD mode See mode table for more info.
MG mic gain not available yes
MR memory read to be done
MW memory write to be done
MX AIP 0=off 1=on
NB NB not available yes
NR NR not available yes
NT ANF? not available yes
PA preamp not available yes
PC rf power not available yes
PR proc not available yes
PS power status not available yes
PT cw pitch 00-08, 00=low tone, 08=high tone 00-12 00=low tone, 12=high tone 00-52 00=low tone, 52=high tone yes, freq/50-8
RA attenuator not available yes
RC RIT clear zero the RIT/XIT frequency (note that this may leave the knob in a non-zero position) zero RIT/XIT
RD/RU RIT down/up decrease/increase RIT/XIT
RG RF gain not available yes
RM read meter (NOT the s-meter) The bargraphs below the main s-meter. Return values are 00-30. See meter table for more info.
RT RIT 0=off 1=on
RX/TX RX/TX same as pressing ptt
SB subreceiver not available set sub and tf-w - see notes for values
SC scan 0=off 1=on
SH/SL slope tune not available 00-20 00=normal (wide), 20=narrowest passband 00-21 00=normal (wide), 21=narrowest passband yes, limited to 20?
SM S-meter S-meter reading 00-30 (power out during tx) yes
SQ squelch not available yes
SR reset not available yes 1=vfo, 2=master
ST step not available 0=off 1=on
TN tone number not available select the subtone
TO tone (subtones) 0=off 1=on not available 0=off 1=on yes
TY firmware type not available yes, ts2000 only?
VB VBT not available 00-21 00=normal, 21=narrowest passband
VR voice recall activate voice synth
VX VOX not available yes
XT XIT 0=off 1=on

IF command string

The IF command returns several parameters in a single string. The format is:

		01234567890123456789012345678901234567 byte #
			aaaaaaaaaaa => display frequency
	                XXXXX => five blank spaces
			bbbbb => rit/xit frequency
			c => rit off/on
			d => xit off/on
                        X => blank space
			e => memory channel
			f => tx/rx (ptt status)
			g => mode
			h => function
			j => scan off/on
			k => split off /on
			l => tone off /on
			m => tone number
			X => blank space

aaaaaaaaaaa Main display frequency: in Hertz, 11 characters. Corresponds to the active VFO.
XXXXXfive blank spaces
bbbbbrit/xit frequency. First character is + or -, remaining 4 characters are frequency offset in Hertz.
crit off/on
dxit off/on
Xblank space
eememory channel
ftx/rx (ptt status)
jscan off/on
ksplit off /on
ltone off /on
mmblank spacetone number
Xblank space

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Filter selection

Filters can be selected according to the mode in use. At least on the 450 they can be set independently for each IF.

450/690 850 950
1st IF (8.83 MHz) 2nd IF (455 kHz) Manuals do not specify that the 2 IF filters can be selected independently, should be tested.
AM abm not available yes
all modes 000 no change
PA preamp not available yes
FM002 THRU12 ksee below
003 THRU6 k
003 not availableFM Narrow
005 6 kAM
007 2.4 kSSB
008 not availableSSB Narrow
009 500CW
010 not availableCW Narrow

Note: neither the 850 nor the 950 manuals mention a difference in working of filter selection depending on active mode.

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Selectable modes

value 450/690 850 950
7CW-Rnot available
8 not availabletunenot available
9FSK-Rnot available

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Meter readings

Selectable meter readings for the bargraphs below the main s-meter. The return value is 00-30.

value 450/690 850 950
0meter off
2not availableComp
5not availableIC
6dBnot available

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